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ask 'breakfast, lunch and dog hair.'

Let's just say you ain't in 'kansas' anymore - toton

These are the various homepages i have created on the internet because it is a passion of mine. I will try to entertain and humor you throughout the era to come. So sit back, stay a while, and watch the skies with me.

the parallel realms his 'pal' luminary has created:
the realm of anime
the original realm where my homepages resided for nearly a year.
the electric pole shrine
with electric pole pictures of texas, louisiana, and mexico.
list of proposed episodes made/to have been made"
the original realm where my homepages resided for nearly a year.
visual pinball
good fake mk pictures, links , and more.
episode guide 1.0
episode guide 2.0

stories from the currently unaired series


talk to www.vpforums.com about where 'i am'.

something special in the air.

Always let me know how you cats are doing!


thanks to all who have ever encourage me to get this seen anywhere in the universe... even in pinball.
meow, arf, and amen to we. update: this is something I imagined recently: 1,2 - arden and daydreamer fall back in love while 57 -Garza tries to sort things out about the ones named casey who changed him forever into a orange-haired girl. with nearly all the known team transformed into orange-haired girls, a investigation is held especially to find out more into casey's plans to save the world. 3,4,5 triplet, a triple being able to turn into three beings before the death ray nearly killed them , goes back home to find their homeworld full of evil speedsters which they vow to remerge them into one being. they get creamed and tied up as 3 lost souls bad mouth the one who saved and tried to customize the suddenly suprising incorporateds experienced hell full of white and black poodles. who were immortal. three green haired boys who were not turned female try to help but a musician also sent to harm the triplet and turn the boys female. the 6 heroines complain a lot about physically sou8nding the same as the female young woman who brought all the lost incorporateds back, with much of the stuff they took from her room on their way out of the world ship neverrest mark 3. 6,7,8 terrel is restored curious about the fate of her girlfriend, who was involved In a battle between scarf and them while omeson padera tried to return for one more battle. 9,10 Halifax and Lightwave must come to their mutual rewedding due to their perishing in the death ray. for some reason Garza does her best to slow down their advances to each other and is later told off by the casey who survived the final battle, and Garza tells casey she made one mistake... sending 57 incorporateds instead of one numbered 57... Garza. 11,12,13 attempts to change everyone back to their own forms with power, but Garza 11, 12, 13